The repaired areas are covered by a 10 year warranty

International patient care hospitals in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore are providing the best healthcare facilities to global patients. With the rising cost of heart surgeries in destinations like the UK and USA medical tourism industry in India is rising gradually. If the trend of enhancement of surgery prices continues then more international patients will be coming to India for medical treatment.

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Replica Bags If a ten year warranty is a must, the Hermes Handbags Replica next two repair strategies would be good options.Case Study 2: Wall to Wall Repair The photos below show a house that had missing kickout flashing at a roof end, which led to extensive moisture damage at the front wall, including sheathing and minor framing repair.After the stucco was removed and the damaged sheathing replaced, new plywood sheathing was installed, the window was properly flashed, and the first of two layers of building paper were applied to the exterior wall.Proper kickout flashing gets installed at the roof end, and a quality drainage plane was installed to create an air gap.Finally, new stucco is installed, the old stucco is caulked and sealed, and everything is painted with a high quality, breathable stucco paint to give the entire front of the house a uniform look.The repaired areas are covered by a 10 year warranty, and the cost of the job was approximately $20k. Follow up moisture testing can be conducted between three and five years after the repair work as a health check up, as well as to provide documentation to any future home buyers that the repairs are performing as they should.Case Study 3: Full Stucco Tear off and Replacement As is standard practice when buying a newer stucco home in Minnesota, the folks buying a stucco clad home in Plymouth had invasive moisture testing performed as part of their purchase agreement. Despite the fact that there was no visible evidence of moisture damage inside or outside the home, the moisture testing report showed high levels of moisture in many locations throughout the home.The home seller contacted SunsetCG to verify the results of the moisture testing, and the results were confirmed by cutting exploratory holes into the stucco; this helped to confirm the problem and determine the extent of the water damage.Side note: If you ever happen to see a stucco home with caulked squares of stucco, you’re probably looking at a home that has had exploratory holes cut. Replica Bags

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